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Can I use my key on services operated by other bus companies?

Can I use my key on services operated by other bus companies?

You can use your key card SAVER tickets on Big Lemon and Compass Travel’s services. They can be accepted on ticket machines very similar to our own. SAVER tickets will have to be collected/activated on one of our services beforehand. Please click here for further details.

Our key card can also be accepted on Metrobus services as far as Patcham. If the ticket has been purchased from our website, the ticket would have to be collected/activated on a Brighton & Hove bus service first. Any tickets purchased in person at our 1Stop Travel shop or from our office in Hove will be available to use on a Metrobus service straight away. You can also use Metrobus Metrovoyagers on Brighton & Hove Company services within the City Centre area.
If you wish to use Metrobus services outside the Brighton area, you will need to apply for a separate Metrobus key. Apply at


Can I use my key on rail services?

Not at present, although we are working with our sister company Southern to make this possible further down the line.

To use a smartcard on Southern rail services, you will need to apply for a separate Southern key. Apply at


Can I use a Southern key card on the bus?

Is Plusbus available on the key?

You can now add bus travel around Brighton & Hove to a weekly or monthly rail season ticket on a Southern key card with Plusbus, which can be used on a Brighton & Hove and Metrobus services in the area.

You can buy them in the following ways:

Weekly - From the Self Service Machine at the same time as your weekly rail ticket. Just push the "Add PlusBus" button before you confirm your order.

Monthly - By calling Southern Customer Services on 08451 27 29 20 from Monday - Friday, between 0900 and 1700. Please note that you must have bought a Monthly ticket online prior to calling. Customers with a Monthly rail ticket can also buy weekly PlusBus tickets during the course of the month in this way.

You can find more about PlusBus at

You cannot currently add any other tickets to a Southern key card that can be used on our buses, but this is planned for the future.