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How do I use the key?

How do I use my key on the bus?

To use your key on the bus all you have to do is place it on the key reader at the front of the bus.

It will beep and show you a green light which confirms that your ticket is valid for travel. This may take a short while, so please make sure that you have held your key against the reader for long enough. You can then take a seat as usual.

how to use your key card

Can I use my key smartcard on other bus services?

You can use your key card SAVER tickets on Big Lemon service 52 and Compass Travel’s services 37,37B, 47, 56, 57, 16 and 66. They can be accepted on ticket machines very similar to our own. SAVER tickets will not have to be collected/activated on one of our services beforehand.

Our key card can also be accepted on Metrobus services as far as Patcham. If the ticket has been purchased from our website, the ticket would have to be collected/activated on a Brighton & Hove bus service first. Any tickets purchased in person at our Brighton & HoveTravel shop or from our office in Hove will be available to use on a Metrobus service straight away. You can also use Metrobus Metrovoyagers on Brighton & Hove Company services within the City Centre area.

If you wish to use Metrobus services outside the Brighton area, you will need to apply for a seperate Metrobus key. Apply at


When can I use a new ticket on the bus?

When you buy a new ticket, it will be available to use on your key the day after you buy it.  This is to allow our buses to receive this information.  We endeavour to add tickets to your key for use the next day, providing the purchase is made before 9pm.

How do I know the ticket has been loaded onto my key successfully?

When you use your key on the bus the key reader will beep and show you an orange light and then a green light.  This confirms that your ticket has been loaded and is valid for travel.  If you get a red light ask the driver for help in the first instance and if you are still having problems you can check:

How do I find out when my ticket on the key is due to expire?

Tickets will run for the period of travel that you have purchased. Once activated, a ticket will continue to count down the days until expired. All ticket types will expire at 04.30 the morning after the expiry date shown on your account. This is to allow usgae on Night Bus services.

Please note that any 1 day SAVER tickets activated after Midnight will still expire at 04.30 the same day.

You can find out when your ticket expires by checking

Do I need a new key smartcard when my SAVER ticket expires?

No. You simply buy new tickets for your existing key smartcard, online or in person at our 1Stop Travel shop in North Street, Brighton and we’ll add it to your key automatically.

If I try to use my key after my ticket has expired how will I know?  What shall I do?

If your ticket has expired and is no longer valid for travel the key reader will bleep quickly five times, a red light will be shown and the message “expired” will display on the reader. This confirms that you don’t have a valid ticket.  If you get a red light and are unsure of the reason ask the driver for help in the first instance, check your online key account afterwards, email us at or give us a call on 01273 886 200.

Why don't you just print a ticket expiry date on my key smartcard?

We don't print an expiry date on your key smartcard as it is designed to be used again and again.